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Welcome to My Holistics!

We are a natural, vegan bath and body care brand specializing in promoting healthy skin and earth conscious sustainability. We offer some of nature’s highest quality 100% natural ingredients that allow for an individualized body care routine.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    • We offer some of nature's Highest Quality 100% natural ingredients that allow for an individualized body care routine.
  • Plant Based & Eco-Friendly

    • We believe in the value of clean and eco-friendly products that help to promote healthy glowing skin at the cellular level.
  • Clean & Cruelty Free

    • To help you feel your best every day, we insist on using cruelty free and clean products you can feel proud to use.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clean, cruelty free, plant based and eco-friendly products that promote healthy, glowing skin on a cellular level. So that you look and feel your best everyday!

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What you can expect from My Holistics?

Our commitment to quality, clean ingredients and sustainability is top of mind. We offer three items you can buy separately or as a whole kit. Please subscribe below to get a launch discount!

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