about us

I'm Tiffany,
Founder and CEO of My Holistics

Welcome to My Holistics, where our mission is as clear as it is heartfelt: we’re here to bring you the finest vegan, all-natural, and eco-friendly body care products.

My personal journey into the world of holistic self-care wasn’t just a choice – it was a necessity. Struggling with sensitive skin, plagued by eczema, and suffering from dryness, I knew there had to be a better way. Then, in 2018, after overcoming cancer, I felt a deeper call to create something genuinely healthy and free from harsh chemicals – something our personal care market was sorely missing.

My background in education and business became the backbone for my new passion: researching plant-based ingredients and sustainable packaging. I quickly realized that many products labeled as “clean” or “natural” were falling short of what I believed in.

As someone who’s embraced plant-based living, I’ve always understood the importance of making healthy choices – and that extends beyond diet to the very products we use on our skin.

That’s how My Holistics was born. It stands as my promise to you: to offer premium, natural, vegan body care products that I believe in and use myself.

But My Holistics isn’t just my story – it’s a journey for you, too. It’s about taking control of your skin’s health and wellness. It’s about building a body care routine that showers your skin with the love and attention it deserves.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to our community. I envisioned My Holistics as a beacon of health and joy – with products that not only heal but also delight your senses, enhancing your skin’s health with nature’s most potent ingredients.

Welcome to My Holistics, where your journey to loving body care begins.

Warmest regards,